imagine scott pilgrim where everything is exactly the same except danny devito is scott

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Adventures with this spicy meatball ghostslol ∩ω∩

Spicy meatballs in Hollywood
Accepted. (at Disney California Adventure)

Everyone is feeling so low lately

I wish I could just cheer everyone up, be a clown. I wish I could tell them everything is going to be okay, but it’s probably gonna get worse. I have no control over how my best friend throws his relationship away, my dog is dead, and I’m still not ready to tell anyone how I feel.

Tigers Jaw - I Saw Water (x)


Sorry I’m too pop punk for you..*crowds surfs away*


I’ve been laughing on and off about this for the past five hours
(not mine)


*Uses pop-punk lyrics to seduce you.*

Anonymous asked: You're pretty adorable.


Anonymous asked: Are you straight?


The saddest day of my life

Could have been sadder, things are just lazy and lifeless now. Gonna go get pho and schmoke with the best friend to lighten the night up some, hopefully.

The struggle for tickets in the 21st century. siyessikamessika